We Are Here to Struggle!

Socialist Critique was founded in April 2020 with the initiation of a group of volunteers trying to understand the political, economic, social, and geopolitical developments taking place in the world.

In the fall of 2016, first, the Brexit decision in the UK and then Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections were astonished worldwide. As the astonishment gave its place to the effort to understand what was happening, we transformed our studies on world politics with various contributions into compilations titled The World in a Transformation (Dünya Yeniden Şekillenirken, 2017) and The World in a Transformation 2: Politics, Economics, Technology, Labor (Dünya Yeniden Şekillenirken 2: Siyaset, İktisat, Teknoloji, Emek, 2019).

When we experience fundamental transformations worldwide, we decided to move our work in this field to the Socialist Critique platform, considering the importance of making it easily accessible.

Critique is a homonymic word both in general and in our usage!

On the one hand, we think that the ideas we express on this platform are of “critical” importance. Because of the ideological crisis that socialists have been experiencing since the 1990s, we deeply feel the critical importance of ideological intervention. We believe this is essential in order to determine the ultimate way of thinking from a proletarian perspective.

On the other hand, we are motivated to criticize the issues we deal with, namely, to evaluate them with a critical intellectual perspective. We think that it is meaningful to encounter the word criticism (die Kritik, the critique) frequently in the books of our theoretical pioneers. We are aware that the criticism here points to both a challenge and a thorough analytical consideration. So much so that we do not exclude ourselves from the same auto criticism.

Thinking that the ideological struggle is one of the essential aspects of the struggle for socialism, we say, “We are here to struggle,” and invite everyone to grow this struggle together.

Contact: editor@kritik.reviews